Where to Find Jobs in the Toy Industry During Major Shifts in Retailing

The biggest toy industry news of recent months has been the announcement by Toys R Us of its impending liquidation. The company expects to close all of its stores in the United States and the United Kingdom and end its run of seven decades. The ripple effect will be extensive, with large numbers of people expected to lose their jobs. Recruitment firms like ToyJobs may experience an upsurge in candidates registering with the agency.

This type of recruitment firm looks for higher-level candidates, such as sales executives, marketing assistants and directors, and product development professionals. Managers in a variety of departments also may be interested in registering as they think about other corporations they might want to work for.

Toy Manufacturers

These men and women might be interested in moving to a career with one of the well-known toy manufacturing companies, for example. This is a particularly intriguing option for many workers since the toy industry continues to be very strong even as the world of retail undergoes dramatic shifts. If brick-and-mortar retailers eventually become significantly less common due to online sales, toy manufacturers will still be crucial for supplying children with new products they enjoy receiving as gifts.

Some manufacturers are known for having many lines of products. One corporation might produce dolls, toy vehicles, stuffed animals, and numerous other items. Other manufacturers concentrate on one particular category, such as heavy equipment and structural bricks. The brand names are familiar to the general public and even more so to workers in the toy industry.

Viewing Listings

Each toy job listing with a recruitment firm can be viewed at the agency’s website. Sometimes, the person viewing is required to register to see listings. In other cases, people coming to the site can see descriptions of each position while the name of the company is kept confidential.

Searching for Positions

What kinds of job titles or keyword phrases might potential applicants search for? They might perform searches on research associates, research and development, marketing, account executives, product engineers, and designers. These are just a few examples. Prospective candidates will want to look through the various listings to get a sense of the positions available.

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